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Big Shoot: Ultimate Space Battle Extraordinaire (or just Big Shoot for short) was the result of a 2 day in-class game jam with the theme of "Local Multiplayer." Our small team focused on creating a fun and hectic arcade-style shooter where the players could acquire different weapons that did different things for a limited number of shots.

Players can pick up a powerup that changes their shooting style to one of the following until they run out of ammo: Bouncy, Burst, Explosive, Speedy and Spread. If a player runs out of ammo, they must wait for a few seconds as they reload. Running out of ammo with a powerup changes the player back to the default ammo type.

Players lose health whenever they are hit by a bullet, and are removed from the game when they run out of health. Rounds end when there is only 1 player standing.

The team consisted of 2 programming students and 2 design students, myself included.

Please note that this game is local multiplayer only. The game will always spawn in 4 players, even those that cannot be controlled, and there is no pause menu. 


Big Shoot - Ultimate Space Battle Extroadinaire.zip 20 MB

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